Sciurus sp. (rodent)

Abundance: 0.06 to 27.81% (median 0.83%)

Latitudinal range: -2.8° to 50.6°

Habitats: (12), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (1)

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Found in 13 samples

Ecuador: Challuahamba

France: Dieupentale

Lebanon: Moghr el-Ahwal Cave 3 (Phases F & E)

Mexico: Abra-Tanchipa Biosphere Reserve (survey 1), Schroeder Site (Structure 1)

Poland: Zabia Cave (Layer 21)

United States: King Leo Pit Cave, Bluegrass (micro), Taddlock, Steck, Hobson Site, Bootlegger Sink, Mescal Cave

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