Sciurus niger (rodent)

Mass: 750 g based on Layne 1958

Abundance: 0.05 to 12.50% (median 0.55%)

Latitudinal range: 32.6° to 43.0°

Habitats: (12), desert/xeric shrubland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (3), temperate coniferous forest (2)

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Found in 18 samples

United States: Savannah River Site (S1), Savannah River Site (S2), The Wilds, Blue Grass Army Depot, Bluegrass (macro), Dust Cave (Zones T and U), McKinley Site (Zone B), Angel Site (Subdivision W10D), Croley-Evans, Watson Brake (6.4 mm fraction), Guard, Cole Gravel Pit, Scovill, Robinson Cave, Prairie Creek (Zone C), Prairie Creek (Zone B), Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (logs, feature), West of US 287

Size measurements:
body mass750.3 gN = 4Layne 1958
total body length524.0 mmN = 4Layne 1958
tail length240.0 mmN = 4Layne 1958
hind foot length70.0 mmN = 4Layne 1958

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