Colletes louisae (bee)

Abundance: 0.14 to 0.32%

Latitudinal range: 26.4° to 40.2°

Habitats: desert/xeric shrubland (2) only

Found in two samples

Mexico: Mapimí Biosphere Reserve (nectarful trees, 1994)

United States: Dugway Proving Grounds

See also Colletes, Colletes algarobiae, Colletes americanus, Colletes cunicularius, Colletes deserticola, Colletes gypsicolens, Colletes inaequalis, Colletes mandibularis, Colletes perileucus, Colletes phaceliae, Colletes prosopidis, Colletes salicicola, Colletes simulans, Colletes slevini, Colletes sphaeralceae, Colletes spp., Colletes wickhami