La Selva Biological Station (Winkler samples)
Basic information
Sample name: La Selva Biological Station (Winkler samples)

Reference: J. T. Longino, J. Coddington, and R. K. Colwell. 2002. The ant fauna of a tropical rain forest: estimating species richness three different ways. Ecology 83:689-702 [ER 501]
Country: Costa Rica

Coordinate: 10° 25' 19" N, 84° 0' 54" W
Basis of coordinate: based on nearby landmark
Geography comments: coordinate based on La Selva Biological Station
elevation 50 to 150 m
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Substrate: leaf litter
MAT: 26.0
MAP: 4260.0
Habitat comments: "a mosaic of mature lowland rain forest, second growth forest of various ages, and abandoned pastures"
climate data based on Kennedy and Horn (2008)
Life forms: ants
Sampling methods: Winkler apparatus
Sample size: 1415
Nets or traps: 41
Sampling comments: 41 "sites" collected using the Winkler method
Sample: 868
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-04-22 14:05:46
Modified: 2014-04-26 11:22:13
Abundance distribution
197 species
50 singletons
total count 1415
standardised richness: 155.1
Fisher's α: 62.190
geometric series k: 0.9817
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.9886
Shannon's H: 4.7627
Good's u: 0.9647
Cerapachys JTL-00110
Eciton lucanoides conquistador1
Labidus coecus1
Acropyga JTL-0023
Brachymyrmex heeri1
Paratrechina guatemalensis1
Paratrechina JTL-0091
Paratrechina JTL-0101
Paratrechina steinheili13
Acanthognathus ocellatus3
Acanthognathus teledectus11
Acromyrmex octospinosus1
Adelomyrmex JTL-0013
Adelomyrmex JTL-0042
Adelomyrmex myops3
Adelomyrmex silvestrii6
Aphaenogaster araneoides6
Apterostigma chocoensis2
Apterostigma collare2
Apterostigma dentigerum10
Apterostigma goniodes3
Apterostigma JTL-00814
Apterostigma JTL-0103
Apterostigma robustum1
Atta cephalotes1
Basiceros manni4
Carebarella bicolor22
Crematogaster carinata1
Crematogaster curvispinosa1
Crematogaster JTL-00613
Crematogaster JTL-0132
Crematogaster limata4
Crematogaster nigropilosa1
Cyphomyrmex cornutus2
Cyphomyrmex costatus6
Cyphomyrmex JTL-00416
Cyphomyrmex JTL-00620
Cyphomyrmex JTL-0071
Cyphomyrmex rimosus s.l.15
Eurhopalothrix gravis2
Eurhopalothrix JTL-0062
Hylomyrma dentiloba26
Hylomyrma JTL-00213
Lachnomyrmex haskinsi6
Lachnomyrmex JTL-0041
Lachnomyrmex plaumanni10
Lachnomyrmex scrobiculatus23
Megalomyrmex drifti3
Megalomyrmex modestus3
Megalomyrmex silvestrii2
Myrmicocrypta sp.1
Octostruma iheringi7
Octostruma JTL-0011
Octostruma JTL-0034
Octostruma JTL-0041
Octostruma JTL-0051
Oligomyrmex eidmanni1
Oligomyrmex JTL-0013
Oligomyrmex nevermanni14
Pheidole anastasii4
Pheidole arachnion2
Pheidole arietans1
Pheidole boruca14
Pheidole browni3
Pheidole campanae18
Pheidole celaena3
Pheidole citrina20
Pheidole decem2
Pheidole fimbriata4
Pheidole fiorii3
Pheidole flavens19
Pheidole hirsuta3
Pheidole indagatrix3
Pheidole indistincta13
Pheidole JTL-0811
Pheidole JTL-1028
Pheidole JTL-10310
Pheidole JTL-10423
Pheidole JTL-1112
Pheidole JTL-1121
Pheidole JTL-1271
Pheidole laselva11
Pheidole nebulosa24
Pheidole nigricula21
Pheidole nitella5
Pheidole otisi1
Pheidole praetorum2
Pheidole prostrata1
Pheidole psilogaster2
Pheidole rectispina12
Pheidole rogeri1
Pheidole rugiceps35
Pheidole ruida28
Pheidole scalaris3
Pheidole sensitiva6
Pheidole simonsi3
Pheidole specularis14
Pheidole tanyscapa2
Pheidole vestita4
Pyramica alberti26
Pyramica brevicornis29
Pyramica cassicuspis5
Pyramica crementa3
Pyramica depressiceps1
Pyramica eggersi3
Pyramica excisus1
Pyramica gundlachi26
Pyramica lalassa2
Pyramica microthrix3
Pyramica myllorhapha16
Pyramica nigrescens4
Pyramica probatrix2
Pyramica schulzi1
Pyramica stauroma1
Pyramica subedentata11
Pyramica trieces19
Pyramica wheeleri1
Pyramica zeteki2
Rhopalothrix weberi1
Rogeria blanda1
Rogeria creightoni6
Rogeria cuneola6
Rogeria inermis8
Rogeria JTL-0042
Rogeria tonduzi4
Sericomyrmex amabilis18
Solenopsis geminata2
Solenopsis JTL-00537
Solenopsis JTL-00625
Solenopsis JTL-00726
Solenopsis JTL-00813
Solenopsis JTL-0155
Solenopsis JTL-0193
Solenopsis JTL-0211
Solenopsis picea11
Stegomyrmex manni1
Stenamma felixi1
Stenamma JTL-0074
Stenamma JTL-0102
Strumigenys biolleyi1
Strumigenys borgmeieri1
Strumigenys calamita2
Strumigenys cordovensis1
Strumigenys elongata20
Strumigenys lanuginosa2
Strumigenys ludia1
Strumigenys micretes11
Strumigenys pariensis3
Strumigenys rogeri14
Strumigenys smithii1
Tatuidris tatusia2
Trachymyrmex cornetzi2
Trachymyrmex JTL-0018
Trachymyrmex zeteki2
Tranopelta gilva9
Wasmannia auropunctata34
Wasmannia JTL-0011
Wasmannia scrobifera3
Anochetus JTL-00120
Anochetus JTL-0026
Discothyrea horni17
Discothyrea testacea7
Ectatomma gibbum4
Ectatomma ruidum12
Ectatomma tuberculatum1
Gnamptogenys hartmani2
Gnamptogenys mecotyle1
Gnamptogenys minuta5
Hypoponera distinguenda10
Hypoponera JTL-00720
Hypoponera JTL-0084
Hypoponera JTL-0103
Hypoponera JTL-0132
Hypoponera nitidula23
Hypoponera opacior5
Hypoponera parva8
Leptogenys ambigua1
Leptogenys JTL-0022
Leptogenys JTL-0064
Leptogenys pusilla10
Odontomachus bauri1
Odontomachus chelifer1
Odontomachus erythrocephalus3
Odontomachus laticeps7
Odontomachus meinerti13
Pachycondyla arhuaca6
Pachycondyla cognata10
Pachycondyla constricta19
Pachycondyla crenata1
Pachycondyla harpax27
Pachycondyla stigma4
Pachycondyla succedanea5
Platythyrea sinuata2
Prionopelta amabilis17
Proceratium cf. silaceum1
Proceratium micrommatum1
Thaumatomyrmex ferox11