Hluhluwe Game Reserve
Basic information
Sample name: Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Reference: B. M. Doube. 1983. The habitat preference of some bovine dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Hluhluwe Game Reserve, South Africa. Bulletin of Entomological Research 73:357-371 [ER 325]
Country: South Africa
State: Natal

Coordinate: 28° 13' S, 31° 57' E
Geography comments: coordinate based on Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical savanna
Protection: wildlife protected area
Substrate: ground surface
MAT: 18.5
WMT: 25.9
CMT: 11.5
MAP: 791.0
Habitat comments: transect spans Acacia bushveld, open grassveld, and riverine forest
climate data based on Skowno et al. 1999 (Plant Ecology); MAP Is 671 to 910 mm in different areas of the park
Life forms: scarab beetles
Sites: 1
Site length: 540.000
Sampling methods: line transect, pitfall traps
Sample size: 32229
Years: 1979
Days: 3
Nets or traps: 28
Net or trap nights: 84
Sampling comments: 28 pitfall traps spaced 20 apart on a transect that "were set on three consecutive days"
counts are broken down in all sorts of ways for common species but not at all for 21 rare species, so only grand totals are used
Sample: 642
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-03-28 21:18:13
Modified: 2015-09-30 14:10:03
Abundance distribution
70 species
8 singletons
total count 32229
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: 8.494
geometric series k: 0.8707
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.7660
Shannon's H: 2.1502
Good's u: 0.9998
Onthophagus flavolimbatus9
Onthophagus bicallosus8
Sarophorus costatus8
Oniticellus zumpti6
Catharsius tricornulus4
Onitis piclicollis4
Onthophagus alcyon4
Onitis alexis3
Oniticellus formosus3
Caccobius convexifrons2
Caccobius cuspidiger2
Odontoloma sp.2
Scarabaeus gangeticus2
Scarabaeus lamarcki1
Onthophagus sp. 201
Caccobius inops1
Caccobius viridicollis1
Copris sp. B1
Copris sp. 41
Copris sp. 71
Heliocopris neptunus1
Gymnopleurus nitens121
Gymnopleurus unicolor54
Sisyphus mirabilis189
Sisyphus fasciculatus23
Drepanocerus laticollis774
Drepanocerus impressicollis32
Drepanocerus kirbyi345
Drepanocerus fastiditus24
Oniticellus planatus71
Caccobius balthasari45
Caccobius nigritulus72
Onthophagus cribripennis202
Onthophagus aeruginosus779
Onthophagus dives36
Onthophagus aciculatus12
Onthophagus tersidorsis37
Onthophagus sugillatus1881
Anachalcos convexus230
Onthophagus carbonarius5217
Onthophagus vinctus1895
Onitis viridulus12
Onthophagus ebenus11
Onthophagus pugionatus46
Onthophagus quadrinodosus14
Onitis fulgidus267
Gymnopleurus thalassinus21
Sisyphus costatus14120
Sisyphus ruber151
Oniticellus intermedius23
Liatongus militaris172
Phalops flavocinctus41
Digitonthophagus gazella344
"Onthophagus gazella"
Onthophagus beiranus181
Sisyphus spinipes232
Sisyphus fortuitus75
Tiniocellus spinipes2473
Drepanocerus bechynei153
Drepanocerus ambiguus69
Drepanocerus freyi37
Drepanocerus abyssinicus27
Onthophagus pullus13
Onthophagus fimetarius1156
Onthophagus stellio169
Onthophagus sp.133
Onthophagus depressus19
Pedaria sp.11
Copris amyntor127
Copris mesacanthus16
Copris elphenor12