Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve
Basic information
Sample name: Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

Reference: S. L. Tee, L. D. Samantha, N. Kamarudin, Z. Akbar, A. M. Lechner, A. Ashton-Butt, and B. Azhar. 2018. Urban forest fragmentation impoverishes native mammalian biodiversity in the tropics. Ecology and Evolution 8(24):12506-12521 [ER 3330]
Country: Malaysia
State: Selangor

Coordinate: 3° 1' 13" N, 101° 38' 47" E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: altitude 15 to 233 m
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: secondary forest
Protection: forest reserve
Substrate: ground surface
Habitat comments: "isolated secondary lowland dipterocarp forests... It has decreased in area from 4, 271 ha in 1906 to its current size of 1, 176 ha due to rapid urbanization and industrialization in the area"
Life forms: carnivores, primates, ungulates, other large mammals
Sampling methods: no design, automatic cameras
Sample size: 608
Years: 2016 - 2017
Days: 14
Nets or traps: 30
Camera type: digital
Cameras paired: no
Sampling comments: "Camera trapping surveys were conducted between October 2016 and October 2017. Thirty cameras (Bushnell Trophy Cam and Bushnell Trophy Cam HD) were used... for a total of two weeks at each location"
Sample: 3699
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2020-10-29 18:19:19
Modified: 2020-10-29 18:19:19
Abundance distribution
8 species
0 singletons
total count 608
standardised richness: 8.0
Fisher's α: 1.301
geometric series k: 0.5244
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.6390
Shannon's H: 1.2369
Good's u: 1.0000