Boda (1994)
Basic information
Sample name: Boda (1994)
Sample aka: Boda Bruk

Reference: J. O. Lundström, K. M. Lindström, B. Olsen, R. Dufva, and D. S. Krakower. 2001. Prevalence of Sindbis virus neutralizing antibodies among Swedish passerines indicates that thrushes are the main amplifying hosts. Journal of Medical Entomology 38(2):289-297 [ER 3281]
Country: Sweden

Coordinate: 61° 32' N, 16° 52' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "the site of the Boda Wildlife Research Station (hereafter Boda), is situated adjacent to the Enångersån River"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: boreal forest/taiga
Protection: unprotected
Substrate: ground surface
Habitat comments: "a mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. The most prevalent deciduous trees were alder, birch, willow, and aspen"
Life forms: birds
Sampling methods: no design, mist nets
Sample size: 143
Years: 1994
Days: 9
Seasons: summer
Nets or traps: 11
Sampling comments: "We used Japanese mist nets without bait... We used them from 0.5 h before sunrise until midday (all study areas), and again from late afternoon until 1 h after sunset (all areas except Rickebasta)... The nets are 3.0 m high and 12.0 m long with mesh size 2.5 cm squared, and we used 10-12 nets at a time" and sampling was from "25 July to 2 August 1994"
Sample: 3631
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2020-05-26 18:06:14
Modified: 2020-05-26 18:06:14
Abundance distribution
18 species
0 singletons
total count 143
standardised richness: 18.0
Fisher's α: 5.446
geometric series k: 0.8600
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8981
Shannon's H: 2.5629
Good's u: 1.0000
Motacilla alba61.9 g insectivore
Erithacus rubecula2617.7 g insectivore-frugivore
Turdus merula89.7 g insectivore-frugivore
Turdus pilaris6106 g
Turdus philomelos468.9 g frugivore
Turdus iliacus461.2 g
Sylvia atricapilla616.7 g frugivore-insectivore
Phylloscopus trochilus48.7 g insectivore
Muscicapa striata415.9 g insectivore
Ficedula hypoleuca812.2 g insectivore-frugivore
Cyanistes caeruleus23.2 g insectivore
"Parus caeruleus"
Parus major22.4 g insectivore-granivore
Sitta europaea42.7 g insectivore
Fringilla coelebs252.9 g granivore
Carduelis chloris226.0 g granivore
Carduelis spinus1013.5 g
Pyrrhula pyrrhula45.2 g granivore
Emberiza citrinella1829.7 g