Schroeder Site (Structure 1)
Basic information
Sample name: Schroeder Site (Structure 1)

Reference: P. W. Parmalee. 1964. Animal remains from the Schroeder Site, Durango, Mexico. Kiva 29(4):99-110 [ER 3184]
Country: Mexico
State: Durango

Coordinate: 23° 54' N, 104° 37' W
Basis of coordinate: based on nearby landmark
Geography comments: "five miles south of the City of Durango" and "occupies two hills and an intervening saddle of the Sierra de Ayala, which lies south and east of the Rio Tunal and within a bend of that river" (close to Bayacora, basis of coordinate)
Structure 1 is "associated" with the Las Joyas Phase, said to be "700-950 A.D."
there are four reliable dates of "A.D. 660, A.D. 675, A.D. 700, and A.D. 730" on the Las Joyas Phase (Kelley 1971, Handbook of Middle American Indians)
Climate and habitat
Lithology: not described
Taphonomic context: ceramics, human accumulation, settlement, structures
Archaeology: buildings, ceramics
Habitat comments: lithology and artifacts are not discussed, but ceramics are present according to Kelley (1971)
Life forms: carnivores, rodents, ungulates, other small mammals, birds
Sampling methods: quarry
Sample size: 121
Years: 1954, 1956, 1958
Sampling comments: screenwashing is not discussed
a specimen of "Burro?" is considered intrusive
Sample: 3492
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2019-09-07 15:34:47
Modified: 2019-09-09 12:37:08
Abundance distribution
8 species
3 singletons
total count 121
standardised richness: 3.7
Fisher's α: 1.925
geometric series k: 0.5719
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.6823
Shannon's H: 1.3478
Good's u: 0.9753
Odocoileus virginianus5075 kg herbivore
Procyon lotor15.5 kg carnivore-granivore
Sciurus sp.1
Lepus spp.41
Sylvilagus spp.20
Ursus americanus2115 kg browser-insectivore
Canis lupus familiaris543 kg carnivore
"Canis familiaris"
Pandion haliaetus11.4 kg carnivore