CA-SLO-585 (Locus 6A, Early-Middle Holocene)
Basic information
Sample name: CA-SLO-585 (Locus 6A, Early-Middle Holocene)
Sample aka: Diablo Canyon

Reference: T. L. Jones, S. C. Garza, J. F. Porcasi, and J. W. Gaeta. 2009. Another trans-Holocene sequence from Diablo Canyon: new faunal and radiocarbon findings from CA-SLO-585, San Luis Obispo County, California. Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology 29(1):77-89 [ER 3134]
Country: United States
State: California

Coordinate: 35° 13' N, 120° 51' W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "between Diablo Canyon and Pecho Creek on the exposed rocky coast" (coordinate based on Diablo Canyon Power Plant)
there are conventional 14C dates of 8, 820 +/- 260 ybp on Haliotis rufescens and 8, 470 +/- 40 ybp on Mytilus californianus
Climate and habitat
Lithology: siltstone
Taphonomic context: human accumulation, midden, settlement
Archaeology: bone tools, stone tools
Habitat comments: "a Milling Stone occupation" including numerous tools was "in the basal levels of the deposit (ca. 170-250 cm."), which consisted of a "midden" within a "soil"
"both temporal components yielded diverse arrays of ground stone (handstones, milling slabs, mortars, pestles, and pitted stones), bone awls, projectile points, scrapers, and debitage that reflect a wide range of domestic ands ubsistence activities. CA-SLO-585 clearly functioned as a residential base"
Life forms: carnivores, rodents, ungulates, other small mammals, birds, snakes
Sampling methods: quarry, screenwash
Sample size: 138
Sampling comments: matrix was "processed dry with 6 mm. (1/4 inch) mesh"
Sample: 3421
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2019-09-01 09:20:12
Modified: 2019-09-09 13:36:05
Abundance distribution
22 species
10 singletons
total count 138
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: 7.382
geometric series k: 0.8505
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8761
Shannon's H: 2.4104
Good's u: 0.9279