Papago Springs Cave
Basic information
Sample name: Papago Springs Cave

Reference: M. F. Skinner. 1942. The fauna of Papago Springs Cave, Arizona, and a study of Stockoceros; with three new antilocaprids from Nebraska and Arizona. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 80(6):143-220 [ER 3115]
Country: United States
State: Arizona

Coordinate: 31.61° N, -110.62° W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "about 5 1/2 miles southeast of Sonoita, Arizona, in the S.E. 1/4 of Sect. 16, T. 21 S., R. 17 E., at an elevation of approximately 5, 200 feet"
Czaplewski et al. (1989) report four U/Th dates ranging from 107.6 +/- 3.5 to 26.7 +/- 0.7 ky
Climate and habitat
Lithology: not described
Taphonomic context: cave, fluvial deposit
Habitat comments: sediments were initially carried "from freshets" flowing "into the main room" but "The last deposits of the open cave (stage 2) show it had been used for many seasons by animals"
"Human artifacts... were found mingled with remains of the Recent fauna, but not in the late Pleistocene matrix"
Life forms: bats, carnivores, rodents, ungulates, other small mammals, birds
Sampling methods: quarry
Sample size: 3471
Years: 1934, 1936 - 1938, 1940
Sampling comments: five species of land snails are listed but not inventoried
Sample: 3402
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2019-08-30 11:13:13
Modified: 2019-08-30 11:34:05
Abundance distribution
34 species
6 singletons
total count 3471
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: 5.232
geometric series k: 0.7834
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.1749
Shannon's H: 0.5476
Good's u: 0.9983
Threskiornithidae indet.2
Marmota flaviventris114
Otospermophilus variegatus3
"Citellus (Otospermophilus) variegatus"
Neotamias ? dorsalis2
"Eutamias ? dorsalis"
Thomomys sp.4
bottae or umbrinus
Perognathus flavescens1
"Perognathus apache"
Neotoma sp.13
mexicana or albigula
Onychomys ? leucogaster134.7 g
Microtus ? mexicanus727.7 g
Peromyscus maniculatus3019.1 g
Peromyscus sp.19
boylii or truei
Lepus californicus32.1 kg
Sylvilagus audubonii2869 g
Myotis ? velifer238.6 g insectivore
Myotis ? thysanodes126.7 g insectivore
Myotis ? evotis46.5 g insectivore
Corynorhinus rafinesquii18.8 g
Antrozous pallidus216.5 g insectivore
Tadarida ? brasiliensis311.3 g insectivore
"Tadarida ? mexicana"
Ursus americanus7115 kg browser-insectivore
"Ursus americanus gentryi" type
Canis latrans512 kg carnivore-insectivore
"Canis caneloensis" type
Canis lupus nubilus543 kg carnivore
"Canis nubilus"
Urocyon cinereoargenteus54.1 kg frugivore-carnivore
Taxidea taxus27.0 kg carnivore
papagoensis type
Mephitis mephitis occidentalis61.5 kg carnivore-insectivore
"Mephitis occidentalis"
Spilogale gracilis2
"Spilogale arizonae"
Bassariscus astutus9949 g insectivore-frugivore
"Bassariscus sonoitensis" type
Equus conversidens6
Haringtonhippus francisci1
"Equus tau"
Platygonus compressus19
"Platygonus alemanii"
Bison antiquus6
"Bison taylori"
Cervus sp.1
Camelidae indet.1
Stockoceros onusrosagris3150
count is approximate