Geographical Society Cave
Basic information
Sample name: Geographical Society Cave

Reference: Y. V. Kuzmin. 1992. Geoarchaeological study of the Late Paleolithic sites in Primorye, the far east Russia. Quaternary Research 31(4):243-254 [ER 3096]
Country: Russia

Coordinate: 42° 52' N, 133° 0' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "in the Lozovyi Range (Khandolaz) near Ekaterinovka Village, approximately 20 km from Nakhodka City (Partizanskii District of Primorskii Territory... on the right bank of the Partizanskaya River" (Baryshnikov 2014)
there are four AMS 14C dates on "hyena bone-fragments" and only one of them (34510 +/- 1800 ybp) is not a minimum, but there are also two newer dates of 46000 +/- 700 and 48650 +/- 2380/1840 ybp (Baryshnikov 2014); calibration is not discussed
Climate and habitat
Lithology: claystone
Taphonomic context: cave, tools
Habitat comments: "Pleistocene mammal remains were recovered predominantly from the layer 4 (1 m of thickness), which is formed by a heavy clay colored from light-brown to fuscous and dark brown tints and containing numerous limestone debris" and there are "stone industries of Paleolithic type... Presumably, the cave was exploited for the initial processing of stone" (Baryshnikov 2014)
mode of accumulation is unclear
Life forms: bats, carnivores, rodents, ungulates, other small mammals
Sampling methods: quarry
Sample size: 4971
Sampling comments: fossils were collected at some point in the 1960s and possibly 1970s
Sample: 3379
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2019-08-27 21:08:50
Modified: 2019-08-27 21:08:50
Abundance distribution
35 species
5 singletons
total count 4971
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: 5.082
geometric series k: 0.8113
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8619
Shannon's H: 2.3889
Good's u: 0.9990
Chiroptera indet.74
Lepus sp.16
Ochotona sp.12
Microtinae indet.15
Myopus sp.1
Canis lupus39043 kg carnivore
Vulpes vulpes195.3 kg carnivore-insectivore
Nyctereutes procyonoides44.2 kg invertivore-frugivore
Cuon alpinus2014 kg carnivore
Ursus arctos175156 kg frugivore-carnivore
Ursus thibetanus163 kg browser-frugivore
"Selenarctos thibetanus"
Mustela sibirica2557 g carnivore-invertivore
Martes flavigula32.8 kg carnivore
Gulo gulo1213 kg
Meles meles1211 kg invertivore-herbivore
Lutra lutra96.1 kg piscivore-carnivore
Hyaena sp.169
Prionailurus bengalensis13.4 kg carnivore
"Felis bengalensis"
Lynx lynx3116 kg carnivore
"Felis lynx"
Panthera sp.233
tigris and spelaea
Panthera pardus3132 kg carnivore
Mammuthus primigenius45
Equus ferus caballus230
"Equus caballus"
Coelodonta antiquitatis33
Sus scrofa3354 kg herbivore
Moschus moschiferus209.3 kg
Capreolus capreolus70622 kg browser
Cervus nippon1224103 kg
Cervus elaphus1008104 kg
Alces alces108421 kg herbivore
Rangifer tarandus169 kg
Naemorhedus goral13425 kg
Bison priscus196
Bos baikalensis2
"Poephagus baicalensis"
Ovis sp.1