Basic information
Sample name: Kloof/Hillcrest
Sample aka: Durban

Reference: C. D. Widdows, T. Ramesh, and C. T. Downs. 2015. Factors affecting the distribution of large spotted genets (Genetta tigrina) in an urban environment in South Africa. Urban Ecosystems 18(4):1401-1413 [ER 3013]
Country: South Africa
State: KwaZulu-Natal

Coordinate: -29.785982° S, 30.829842° E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "urban suburbs of Kloof/ Hillcrest... The altitude of the study site is≥560 m ASL"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical savanna
Altered habitat: combined
Protection: unprotected
Substrate: ground surface
MAP: 974.0
Habitat comments: "Most rainfall occurs in the summer... The vegetation in the study area is dominated by KwaZulu-Natal sandstone sourveld scattered with low shrubs and patches of riverine forests... 68 % of this grassland biome has been transformed due to plantations, cultivations and urban development... This landscape has numerous urban nature reserves"
Life forms: carnivores, primates, rodents, ungulates, other large mammals
Sampling methods: no design, automatic cameras
Sample size: 1354
Years: 2012, 2013
Nets or traps: 5
Net or trap nights: 582
Camera type: digital
Cameras paired: no
Sampling comments: "We used five digital camera traps (LtI Acorn 6210MC, China) triggered by passive infrared sensors, set up at 28 sites during June 2012 October 2013... We set camera height between 30 and 40 cm above the ground... The event of photographing an individual from the camera traps operating at a single camera station was considered to be an independent record/detection... the first capture of the individual within one minute time frame was considered as an independent record/detection"
Sample: 3244
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2019-03-06 20:04:46
Modified: 2020-01-14 16:40:31
Abundance distribution
20 species
1 singleton
total count 1354
standardised richness: 15.3
Fisher's α: 3.327
geometric series k: 0.7424
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8926
Shannon's H: 2.4890
Good's u: 0.9993
Mungos mungo71.5 kg insectivore-carnivore
Philantomba monticola1044.3 kg frugivore-folivore
Equus quagga burchellii24100 kg grazer
"Equus burchelli"
Tragelaphus scriptus20531 kg browser-grazer
Potamochoerus larvatus2438 kg grazer-browser
Caracal caracal1512 kg carnivore
"Felis caracal"
Sylvicapra grimmia12513 kg browser-grazer
Canis lupus familiaris28743 kg carnivore
"Canis domesticus"
Felis catus52
Thryonomys swinderianus55.2 kg
Procavia capensis47 browser
Genetta tigrina1181.7 kg invertivore-carnivore
Herpestes ichneumon42.9 kg carnivore-insectivore
Hystrix africaeaustralis7115 kg browser
Cephalophus natalensis1 browser
Galerella sanguinea20465 g carnivore-insectivore
Otolemur crassicaudatus11
Chlorocebus pygerythrus97
Atilax paludinosus942.8 kg invertivore-carnivore
Ichneumia albicauda433.1 kg invertivore-carnivore