Leucate Butte 1
Basic information
Sample name: Leucate Butte 1
Sample aka: LEU

Reference: J.-P. Aguilar. 1980. Rongeurs du Miocène inférieur et moyen en Languedoc. Leur apport pour les correlations Marin-Continental et la Stratigraphie. Palaeovertebrata 8(6):155-203 [ER 2437]
Country: France

Coordinate: 42° 55' N, 3° 2' E
Basis of coordinate: based on nearby landmark
Geography comments: coordinate based on Leucate
either uppermost Burdigalian (upper foram zone N7) or lowermost Langhian (lower zone N8), meaning MN4; also correlated with Sansan (i.e., MN6)
Climate and habitat
Substrate: ground surface
Habitat comments: none given
Life forms: rodents
Sample size: 6
Sampling comments: additional taxa and collecting methods not discussed
Sample: 2678
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2017-03-05 21:24:33
Modified: 2017-03-05 21:24:33
Abundance distribution
2 species
1 singleton
total count 6
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: NULL
geometric series k: 0.2000
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.1333
Shannon's H: 0.4506
Good's u: 0.8333