Ecological Station of Samuel (September 1990)
Basic information
Sample name: Ecological Station of Samuel (September 1990)

Reference: S. L. B. Luz and R. Lourenço-de-Oliveira. 1996. Forest Culicinae mosquitoes in the environs of Samuel Hydroeletric Plant, State of Rondônia, Brazil. Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 91(4):427-432 [ER 2304]
Country: Brazil
State: Rondônia

Coordinate: 8° 57' 0" S, 63° 13' 30" W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text as range
Geography comments: "at the Ecological Station of Samuel, in the municipality of Candeias do Jamari... The study site is bounded to the west by the Jamari River and the reservoir of the Samuel Hydroelectric plant, and is contiguous with the Jamari National Forest"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Substrate: ground surface
MAT: 25.5
MAP: 2300.0
Habitat comments: "an area of primary forest. The vegetation is peculiar, with predominance of the dense 'terra firme' (dry land) forest, interspersed 'varzea' (seasonally flooded) forest, as well as flooded forest along the streams. The forest is uninhabited... The local climate is tropical, with the dry season from June to August, and the wet season from December to March. The local temperature oscillates between 21ºC and 32ºC, with an annual average of 25.5ºC"
MAP is for the Samuel ydroelectric Reservoir and is from Brown et al. (1995, Forest Ecology and Management)
Life forms: mosquitoes
Sites: 3
Sampling methods: no design, baited, hand capture
Sample size: 155
Years: 1990
Sampling comments: "The studies were performed... nearly one year after the construction of the Samuel Hy- droelectric plant, when the reservoir had already been filled up... Mosquito collections were performed at three sites 1km apart in the Ecological Station of Samuel, nearly 50km from the dam. Collections were carried out at each site on alternate days. Mosquitoes were collected on a human bait (on his own legs) at least three times a week"
Sample: 2438
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2016-12-30 16:03:29
Modified: 2016-12-30 16:03:29
Abundance distribution
11 species
5 singletons
total count 155
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: 2.706
geometric series k: 0.6413
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.6326
Shannon's H: 1.3555
Good's u: 0.9678