Big Slough
Basic information
Sample name: Big Slough

Reference: E. A. Buckner, M. S. Blackmore, S. W. Golladay, and A. P. Covich. 2011. Weather and landscape factors associated with adult mosquito abundance in southwestern Georgia, U.S.A.. Journal of Vector Ecology 36(2):269-278 [ER 2235]
Country: United States
State: Georgia

Coordinate: 31.22° N, -84.48° W
Basis of coordinate: estimated from map
Geography comments: "at Ichauway, the property of the J.W. Jones Ecological Research Center"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: temperate coniferous forest
Altered habitat: fragment
Protection: unprotected
Substrate: ground surface
WMT: 27.2
CMT: 11.1
MAP: 1320.0
Habitat comments: "a remnant 11, 736 hectare longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem embedded within an agricultural landscape" and specifically 76.9% coniferous forest, 10.5% hydric soils, 8.8% agriculture, 4.8% scrub, 9.4% other
climate data are for the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center and are from Lynch et al. (2008, Journal of Wildlife Management)
Life forms: mosquitoes
Sampling methods: no design, baited, light traps
Sample size: 12205
Sampling comments: "Adult female mosquitoes were collected through weekly trapping at each site from mid-May through early November, 2008, using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) miniature light traps and gravid traps... Light traps were baited with dry ice"
Sample: 2281
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2016-10-16 17:50:40
Modified: 2020-06-05 19:09:02
Abundance distribution
27 species
2 singletons
total count 12205
standardised richness: 4.0
Fisher's α: 3.284
geometric series k: 0.7106
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.5886
Shannon's H: 1.2768
Good's u: 0.9998