Basic information
Sample name: Erdensant

Reference: J. L. Isaac, J. Jamsranjav, L. Simpson, and S. R. B. King. 2005. Small mammals of the Mongolian mountain steppe region near Erdensant: insights from live-trapping and bird pellet remains. Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences 3(2):63-68 [ER 2221]
Country: Mongolia

Coordinate: 47° 7' N, 104° 20' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "near Erdensant, Töv aimag... in a valley adjacent to the Batchan Protected Area... approximately 8 hours drive south-west of Ulaanbaatar"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: montane grassland
Substrate: ground surface
Disturbance: grazing
Habitat comments: "mountain steppe... Vegetation included mixed birch (Betula platyphylla) forest patches on north facing slopes, with rocky outcrops and steppe vegetation on other slopes... Livestock present in the valley and nearby included horses, cattle and sheep"
Life forms: rodents
Sampling methods: quadrat, baited, Elliott traps, Sherman traps
Sample size: 40
Years: 2005
Days: 3
Seasons: summer
Nets or traps: 50
Net or trap nights: 150
Trap spacing: 0.005
Sampling comments: "The trapping study ran from 28th June – 1st July. A trapping grid was set up with a total of 50 traps in rows of 10, spaced at 5 m intervals... Traps were standard small mammal traps made by Elliott© and Sherman© and were baited with peanut butter and millet"
Sample: 2262
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2016-10-12 19:00:28
Modified: 2016-10-12 19:00:28
Abundance distribution
3 species
0 singletons
total count 40
standardised richness: 3.0
Fisher's α: 0.751
geometric series k: 0.6882
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.6244
Shannon's H: 1.0504
Good's u: 1.0000