Universidade Federal de Lavras (Cerrado Sensu Strictu)
Basic information
Sample name: Universidade Federal de Lavras (Cerrado Sensu Strictu)

Reference: D. G. da Rocha and M. Passamani. 2013. Influence of pitfall designs and use of baits on the capture of small mammals in Southern Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Acta Scientiarum. Biological Sciences 35(4):499-503 [ER 1623]
Country: Brazil
State: Minas Gerais

Coordinate: 21° 13' 36" S, 44° 59' 4" W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "inside of the Federal University of Lavras' campus"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical savanna
Altered habitat: fragment
Protection: unprotected
Substrate: ground surface
MAT: 19.5
MAP: 1529.0
Habitat comments: "a dense woodland savanna patch with 3.47 ha... Cwb (warm, not hot summers and cool and dry winters) according to Köppen"
Life forms: rodents, other small mammals
Sampling methods: baited, drift fences, pitfall traps
Sample size: 17
Years: 2008, 2009
Days: 112
Nets or traps: 16
Net or trap nights: 1664
Sampling comments: "Samplings were performed monthly, during 8 consecutive days between March 2008 and April 2009, totaling 112 sampling days and an effort of 1.664 trap-nights" with sampling "using pitfall traps. In each area were placed two Y-shaped pitfall with 4 buckets each... and two I-shaped of 30 m long with four buckets in each line, as well. All buckets belonging to the same pitfall set were 10 m apart from each other and connected by 50 cm-high plastic drift fence... Baits (banana slices) were used on alternate days"
Sample: 1834
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2015-12-16 12:56:09
Modified: 2020-06-05 19:01:15
Abundance distribution
5 species
1 singleton
total count 17
standardised richness: 4.3
Fisher's α: 2.387
geometric series k: 0.6687
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.7390
Shannon's H: 1.4788
Good's u: 0.9477