S'Albufera Natural Park (site 3)
Basic information
Sample name: S'Albufera Natural Park (site 3)

Reference: M. Sato. 2008. A preliminary study of the Odonata of S'Albufera Natural Park, Mallorca: status, conservation priorities and bio-indicator potential. Journal of Insect Conservation 12(5):539-548 [ER 1193]
Country: Spain

Coordinate: 39° 47' N, 3° 6' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Climate and habitat
Habitat: temperate wetland
Substrate: ground surface
Habitat comments: "freshwater coastal wetland"
Life forms: odonates
Sites: 1
Site area: 0.010
Sampling methods: quadrat, visual
Sample size: 63
Years: 2002
Sampling comments: "Adult individuals were counted" and the site "consisted of a 100 m2 quadrat"
Sample: 1727
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2015-08-02 19:49:51
Modified: 2015-08-02 19:49:51
Abundance distribution
4 species
2 singletons
total count 63
standardised richness: not computable
Fisher's α: 0.950
geometric series k: 0.2646
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.2404
Shannon's H: 0.5078
Good's u: 0.9683