University of Ghana Legon Botanical Garden
Basic information
Sample name: University of Ghana Legon Botanical Garden

Reference: D. Acquah-Lamptey, R. Kyerematen, and E. O. Owusu. 2013. Dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera) as tools for habitat quality assessment and monitoring. Journal of Agriculture and Biodiversity Research 2(8):178-182 [ER 1129]
Country: Ghana

Coordinate: 5° 39' 56" N, 0° 11' 15" W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: altitude 91 to 122 m
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: fragment
Substrate: ground surface
MAP: 926.0
Habitat comments: "A patch (0.25km2) of the original thicket vegetation"
MAP 733 to 1118 mm
Life forms: odonates
Sampling methods: no design, other nets, visual
Sample size: 425
Years: 2010
Sampling comments: "All the dragonflies observed were identified visually with the aid of a pair of close-focus binoculars or caught with an aerial net when necessary"
Sample: 1650
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2015-06-25 09:52:51
Modified: 2015-06-25 09:52:51
Abundance distribution
18 species
0 singletons
total count 425
standardised richness: 18.0
Fisher's α: 3.811
geometric series k: 0.7809
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8514
Shannon's H: 2.3389
Good's u: 1.0000