Ypthima motschulskyi (butterfly)

Abundance: 0.16 to 4.39%

Latitudinal range: 32.8° to 47.2°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (2) only

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Found in two samples

China: Baishuijiang Natural Reserve, Liangshui Nature Reserve (original forest)

See also Ypthima, Ypthima argus, Ypthima asterope, Ypthima avanta, Ypthima balda, Ypthima baldus, Ypthima chenui, Ypthima conjuncta, Ypthima fasciata, Ypthima hubneri, Ypthima huebneri, Ypthima imitans, Ypthima megalomma, Ypthima multistriata, Ypthima nareda, Ypthima nigricans, Ypthima pandocus, Ypthima philomela, Ypthima sacra, Ypthima sakra, Ypthima savara, Ypthima simili, Ypthima sinica, Ypthima watsoni, Ypthima ypthimoides, Ypthima zodia, Ypthima zyzzomacula