Xysticus (spider)

Abundance: 0.10 to 8.11% (median 0.67%)

Latitudinal range: -25.0° to 49.0°

Habitats: boreal forest/taiga (1), desert/xeric shrubland (2), forest (1), montane grassland (3), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (3), temperate savanna (2), tropical/subtropical savanna (2)

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Found in 14 samples

Canada: Abitibi Claybelt

Egypt: Farm of Assiut University (winter)

Hungary: Vertesboglar (control), Vertesboglar (Sparse), Vertesboglar (Intensive), Kecskemet-Szarkas (herb layer)

Kenya: Mpala Research Centre (spiders)

Pakistan: Shorkot, Bahawalpur

Portugal: Vale do Guadiana Nature Park

South Africa: Skukuza (control)

United States: Jefferson City, Bath Nature Preserve, Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge

See also Xysticus acerbus, Xysticus audax, Xysticus bicuspis, Xysticus bliteus, Xysticus bufo, Xysticus canadensis, Xysticus cribratus, Xysticus cristatus, Xysticus elegans, Xysticus ellipticus, Xysticus emertoni, Xysticus ferox, Xysticus ferrugineus, Xysticus fraternus, Xysticus funestus, Xysticus kochi, Xysticus lucifugus, Xysticus luctans, Xysticus luctuosus, Xysticus obscurus, Xysticus punctatus, Xysticus sp., Xysticus striatipes