Vanessa braziliensis (butterfly)

Abundance: 0.28 to 2.01% (median 0.51%)

Latitudinal range: -30.4° to 6.2°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (4), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2)

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Found in 6 samples

Brazil: Agricultural College of Frederico Westphalen, Regional Integrated University of High Uruguay and Missions, Itapu„ State Park, Porto MauŠ, Seara

Colombia: El Romeral

See also Vanessa, Vanessa annabella, Vanessa atalanta, Vanessa cardui, Vanessa carye, Vanessa dimorphica, Vanessa indica, Vanessa itea, Vanessa kershawi, Vanessa myrinna, Vanessa terpsichore, Vanessa virginiensis