Uranotaenia hystera (mosquito)

Abundance: 0.01 to 0.06%

Latitudinal range: -2.0° to -1.8°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2) only

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Found in two samples

Brazil: Juami-Japurá Ecological Station, National Forest of Caxiuanã

See also Uranotaenia, Uranotaenia alboabdominalis, Uranotaenia apicalis, Uranotaenia balfouri, Uranotaenia bilineata, Uranotaenia calosomata, Uranotaenia campestris, Uranotaenia chorleyi, Uranotaenia coatzacoalcos, Uranotaenia ditaenionota, Uranotaenia geometrica, Uranotaenia gr. bilineata, Uranotaenia incognita, Uranotaenia iriartei, Uranotaenia lanei, Uranotaenia leucoptera, Uranotaenia lowi, Uranotaenia lowii, Uranotaenia mashoaensis, Uranotaenia mashonaensis, Uranotaenia mathesoni, Uranotaenia maxima, Uranotaenia nataliae, Uranotaenia novobscura, Uranotaenia ornata, Uranotaenia orthodoxa, Uranotaenia palidocephala, Uranotaenia pallidoventer, Uranotaenia pulcherrima, Uranotaenia pygmaea, Uranotaenia sapphirina, Uranotaenia socialis, Uranotaenia sp., Uranotaenia sp. Form 3, Uranotaenia spp., Uranotaenia ungiculata, Uranotaenia unguiculata