Trachemys scripta (turtle)

Abundance: 0.02 to 84.30% (median 4.76%)

Latitudinal range: 18.2° to 43.1°

Habitats: lake (5), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (5), temperate savanna (1), temperate upland river (4), temperate wetland (1), tropical/subtropical upland river (1)

Found in 17 samples

Belize: Chan Chen Junction

Italy: Poggi di Prata

United States: Central Canal, Indianapolis Museum of Art Lake, Gasconade River, Lyon County ponds, Round Pond, Station Bay (May/June), Station Bay (July/August), North Fork of White River (1980), North Fork of White River (2004), Pine Bush, Fort Riley Military Reservation, Ellenton Bay, Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area (Forest), Upper Wabash River Basin, Griffith League Ranch

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