Theridion impressum (spider)

Abundance: 0.16 to 8.22% (median 5.63%)

Latitudinal range: 37.6° to 46.9°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (2), temperate savanna (1)

Found in 3 samples

Hungary: Kecskemet-Szarkas (canopy), Kecskemet-Szarkas (herb layer)

Portugal: Vale do Guadiana Nature Park

See also Theridion, Theridion adjacens, Theridion aurantium, Theridion costaricaense, Theridion differens, Theridion evexum, Theridion hispidum, Theridion japonicum, Theridion melanostictum, Theridion nigropunctatum, Theridion nudum, Theridion pinastri, Theridion sexpunctatum, Theridion sp., Theridion sp. 1, Theridion sp. 2, Theridion sp. 3, Theridion sp. 4, Theridion sp. 5, Theridion sp. 6, Theridion stannardi, Theridion subadultum, Theridion varians, Theridion xianfengensis