Tetramorium mixtum (ant)

Abundance: 1.17%

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (1) only

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Found in one sample

Malaysia: Ginseng Camp (winkler bag)

See also Tetramorium, Tetramorium 11 (lucayanum), Tetramorium 12 (pylacum), Tetramorium 15 (osiris), Tetramorium 18 (sitefrum), Tetramorium 19 (weitzeckeri), Tetramorium 4 (brevispinosum), Tetramorium 7 (dumezi), Tetramorium 9 (furtivum), Tetramorium aculeatum, Tetramorium akermani, Tetramorium amentete, Tetramorium antrema, Tetramorium ataxium, Tetramorium avium, Tetramorium baufra, Tetramorium bicarinatum, Tetramorium brevispinosum, Tetramorium brevispinosus, Tetramorium caespitum, Tetramorium calinum, Tetramorium camerunense, Tetramorium ciliatum, Tetramorium coloreum, Tetramorium cuneinode, Tetramorium cyclolobium, Tetramorium depressiceps, Tetramorium diomandei, Tetramorium distinctum, Tetramorium eleates, Tetramorium electrum, Tetramorium eminii, Tetramorium flavithorax, Tetramorium frigidum, Tetramorium furtivum, Tetramorium gabonense, Tetramorium guineense, Tetramorium ictidum, Tetramorium inglebyi, Tetramorium insolens, Tetramorium intonsum, Tetramorium invictum, Tetramorium jugatum, Tetramorium kheperra, Tetramorium kraepelini, Tetramorium laevithorax, Tetramorium lanuginosum, Tetramorium laparum, Tetramorium longicorne, Tetramorium lucayanum, Tetramorium magnificum, Tetramorium melanogynum, Tetramorium menkaura, Tetramorium minimum, Tetramorium muralti, Tetramorium muscorum, Tetramorium n. sp. convexum group, Tetramorium n. sp. dumezi group, Tetramorium n. sp. weitzeckeri group, Tetramorium neshena, Tetramorium notiale, Tetramorium nursei, Tetramorium pacificum, Tetramorium peutli, Tetramorium pylacum, Tetramorium quadridentatum, Tetramorium quadrispinosum, Tetramorium rhetidum, Tetramorium semilaeve, Tetramorium sepositum, Tetramorium sericeiventre, Tetramorium setigerum, Tetramorium setuliferum, Tetramorium similinum, Tetramorium simillimum, Tetramorium sjostedti, Tetramorium smithi, Tetramorium sp., Tetramorium sp. 1, Tetramorium sp. 1 (striolatum gp.), Tetramorium sp. 10, Tetramorium sp. 15, Tetramorium sp. 16, Tetramorium sp. 17 squaminode group, Tetramorium sp. 18, Tetramorium sp. 18 bicarinatum group, Tetramorium sp. 2, Tetramorium sp. 2 (striolatum gp.), Tetramorium sp. 2 of NZA, Tetramorium sp. 22, Tetramorium sp. 23, Tetramorium sp. 23 of SKY, Tetramorium sp. 27, Tetramorium sp. 3, Tetramorium sp. 3 of NZA, Tetramorium sp. 4, Tetramorium sp. 5, Tetramorium sp. 7 simillimum group, Tetramorium sp. 8, Tetramorium sp. 9, Tetramorium sp. A, Tetramorium sp. A (spininode group), Tetramorium sp. B, Tetramorium sp. D (striolatum group), Tetramorium sp. D21, Tetramorium sp. D27, Tetramorium sp. D69, Tetramorium sp. D70, Tetramorium sp. E (Group A), Tetramorium sp. F (striolatum gp.), Tetramorium sp. JDM 36, Tetramorium sp. L (Group A), Tetramorium spinosum, Tetramorium spp., Tetramorium tonganum, Tetramorium tortuosum, Tetramorium umtaliense, Tetramorium UOVC_01 (squaminode gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_04 (gabonense gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_07 (weitzeckeri gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_08 (simillimum gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_11 (squaminode gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_12 (squaminode gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_18 (simillimum gp.), Tetramorium UOVC_19 (simillimum gp.), Tetramorium walshi, Tetramorium wilsoni, Tetramorium youngi, Tetramorium zambesium, Tetramorium zambezium, Tetramorium zapyrum