Technomyrmex (spider)

Abundance: 0.01 to 38.38% (median 1.18%)

Latitudinal range: -33.7° to 22.6°

Habitats: Mediterranean woodland (1), desert/xeric shrubland (1), temperate savanna (1), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (8), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (17), tropical/subtropical savanna (3)

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Found in 31 samples

Australia: West Canungra Creek, Perth garden (control 1), West Pymble (undamaged), Brooklyn (rain forest)

Cameroon: Bokito (2006), La Belqique (near primary forest), La Belqique (very old secondary forest), Biyem-Assi-superette, Nko'ondo and Djazeng

China: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Shenzhen City (park)

French Guiana: Nouragues Research Station (liana forest)

Ghana: Southern Ghana

India: Sharavathi River Basin (deciduous forest), Sharavathi River Basin (Acacia plantations), Sharavathi River Basin (scrub jungles)

Ivory Coast: Lamto reserve (forest), Lamto reserve (rural forest)

Malaysia: Kinabulu National Park (BD epigaeic pitfall traps), Danum Valley Field Centre (100 m from edge), Perak Integrated Timber Complex (2008), Perak Integrated Timber Complex (2009), Ginseng Camp (winkler bag), Ginseng Camp (pitfall trap, 100 m transect)

Papua New Guinea: Popondetta

South Africa: N3 Highway, Satara area (large pitfall traps), Soutpansberg Mountain Range (woodland)

Thailand: Sri Nan National Park (winter), Khao Chong Botanic Garden (under Parashorea stellata tree crowns, dry season), Khao Chong Botanic Garden (under Parashorea stellata tree crowns, wet season)

See also Technomyrmex 1 (wolfi), Technomyrmex albipes, Technomyrmex andrei, Technomyrmex horni, Technomyrmex indet., Technomyrmex kraepelini, Technomyrmex MS21, Technomyrmex nitens, Technomyrmex pallipes, Technomyrmex sp. 1, Technomyrmex sp. 1 of NZA, Technomyrmex sp. 2, Technomyrmex sp. 3, Technomyrmex sp. 4, Technomyrmex sp. 5, Technomyrmex sp.1, Technomyrmex vitiensis