Taygetis andromeda (butterfly)

Abundance: 0.26 to 0.30%

Latitudinal range: 10.1° to 16.9°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2) only

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Found in two samples

Mexico: San Fernando (site I)

Trinidad and Tobago: Trinity Hills Wildlife Sanctuary (semi-evergreen, disturbed)

See also Taygetis, Taygetis acuta, Taygetis cleopatra, Taygetis echo, Taygetis inconspicua, Taygetis kerea, Taygetis laches, Taygetis leuctra, Taygetis penelea, Taygetis rufomarginata, Taygetis sosis, Taygetis sp. 1, Taygetis sp. 2, Taygetis thamyra, Taygetis tripunctata, Taygetis virgilia, Taygetis ypthima, Taygetis zippora