Tapinoma sessile (ant)

Abundance: 0.04 to 28.13% (median 4.25%)

Latitudinal range: 35.3° to 49.4°

Habitats: Mediterranean woodland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (4), temperate savanna (2)

Found in 7 samples

Canada: Grasslands National Park (native)

United States: Jefferson City, Reservoir Canyon, Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge (native), McLaughlin Homestake Mining Co. (non-serpentine chaparral/pitfall), George Washington National Forest, Monongahela National Forest

See also Tapinoma, Tapinoma ambiguum, Tapinoma erraticum, Tapinoma geei, Tapinoma indicum, Tapinoma litorale, Tapinoma lugubre, Tapinoma luteum, Tapinoma melaniformis, Tapinoma melanocephalum, Tapinoma melanochepalum, Tapinoma nigerrimum, Tapinoma simrothi, Tapinoma sp., Tapinoma sp. 01 luteum, Tapinoma sp. 1, Tapinoma sp. 1 (minutum group), Tapinoma sp. 2, Tapinoma sp. 3, Tapinoma sp. 4 (minutum group), Tapinoma sp. A (minutum gp.), Tapinoma sp. A (minutum group), Tapinoma sp. B (minutum gp.), Tapinoma sp. D81, Tapinoma sp. D90, Tapinoma sp. minutum gp