Tamias striatus (rodent)

Mass: 113 g based on Layne 1958 and Lindsay 1960

Abundance: 0.34 to 45.89% (median 3.40%)

Latitudinal range: 35.1° to 50.0°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (13), temperate coniferous forest (1)

Found in 14 samples

Canada: Gogama, Kinmount, Birds Hill (Plot 1, 1979), Prince Edward Island National Park

United States: Oak Ridge Reservation (hardwood forest), Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Gingercake Creek, Memphis, Glenn Dale, MacIntyre Development (forest habitats), Salt Pond Mountain, Fayette County, Raleigh-Durham, North of the Michigamme Reservoir

Size measurements:
body mass115.9 gN = 7Layne 1958
body mass105.4 gN = 3Lindsay 1960
total body length258.6 mmN = 7Layne 1958
tail length92.3 mmN = 7Layne 1958
hind foot length36.0 mmN = 7Layne 1958
ear length18.7 mmN = 7Layne 1958

See also Tamias, Tamias amoenus, Tamias minimus, Tamias sp., Tamias speciosus