Strombosia glaucescens (tree)

Abundance: 0.89 to 9.68% (median 5.97%)

Latitudinal range: 4.5° to 6.6°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (15) only

Biogeographic distribution: Afrotropic, Equatorial Africa

Found in 15 samples

Cameroon: Southern Bakundu Forest Reserve

Ghana: Kade Plot 3, Kade Plot 5, Kade Plot 7, Kade Plot 9, Kade Plot 11, Kade site A, Kade site B, Kade site C, Kade site D, Kade site E, Kade site F, Kade site G, Kade site H, Bia Conservation Area

See also Strombosia, Strombosia ceylanica, Strombosia grandifolia, Strombosia javanica, Strombosia philippinensis, Strombosia pustulata, Strombosia scheffleri, Strombosia sp., Strombosia sp. A, Strombosia sp. retivenia and S. grandifolia, Strombosia zenkeri