Sorex (small mammal)

Abundance: 0.01 to 79.30% (median 2.92%)

Latitudinal range: 15.4° to 68.6°

Habitats: (38), Mediterranean woodland (1), boreal forest/taiga (9), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (24), temperate coniferous forest (3), temperate savanna (4), temperate wetland (2), tropical/subtropical coniferous forest (2), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2), tundra (2)

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Found in 87 samples

Canada: Delta Waterfowl Research Station, Gogama, Churchill (1952), Kinmount, Prince Albert Model Forest, Bald Range (old growth), Prince Edward Island National Park, Caverne de la Mine (lower infill), Caverne de la Mine (upper infill), LaBiche River Valley

China: Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, Mount Erlang (east slope, 2401 - 2700 m), Zhang County, Duling

France: Pontarlier

Germany: Ahltener Wald (month 6), Grafrath, Sondershausen, Rembach, Forsthart, Rauscheröd 1 b/c, Kettig

Guatemala: Aldea el Rancho, Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve

Italy: Monticchie Nature Reserve (woodland), Rifreddo, Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 11.1), Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 11.2)

Japan: Furano

Kazakhstan: Pavlodar, Bayanaul Village

Mexico: Cerro Potosí (Quadrat C)

Norway: Angedalen (spring), Angedalen (fall)

Poland: Knihiniówka, Podlesice, Borsuka Cave (Level VII), Borsuka Cave (Level VI)

Russia: Kuznetsovka, Svetly (layer 5), Malaya Gomsel'ga, Karasuk, Traktorosad No. 4 (garden), Traktorosad No. 4 (adjacent biotopes), Chusovoy

Spain: Sima del Elefante (TE19)

Sweden: Albo

United States: University of Washington Campus (Area A, March, 1937), Sierra National Forest (pitfall traps), Croatan National Forest (open canopy pine plantation), H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Agiak Lake, Gingercake Creek, De Long Mountains (riparian grass-willow), North of Madison, Toolik Lake, Upper Susitna River Basin, Glenn Dale, Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge, Durham County, MacIntyre Development (forest habitats), Grand Marais, Hopland Research and Extension Center (chaparral), Hopland Research and Extension Center (woodland-grass), Ardis, Zesch Cave, Crystal Ball Cave, Welsh Cave, Silver Creek, Ripplemead, Bat Cave, King Leo Pit Cave, Dust Cave (Zones T and U), Itasca Bison Site, Pacific City, Jones, Prairie Creek (Zone D), Robinson Cave, Meyer Cave, Bootlegger Sink, Prairie Creek (Zone C), Kathy's Pit, Schulze Cave (layer C1), Schulze Cave (layer C2), New Paris Sinkhole No. 4, Natural Chimneys

See also Sorex alpinoides, Sorex araneus, Sorex arcticus, Sorex areneus, Sorex bedfordiae, Sorex bendirii, Sorex caecutiens, Sorex cinereus, Sorex cylindricauda, Sorex dehmi, Sorex dehneli, Sorex dispar, Sorex emarginatus, Sorex ex. gr. araneus, Sorex fumeus, Sorex gr. araneus, Sorex gr. runtonensis-subaraneus, Sorex hoyi, Sorex isodon, Sorex longirostris, Sorex minutissimus, Sorex minutus, Sorex monticolus, Sorex ornatus, Sorex palustris, Sorex polonicus, Sorex praearaneus, Sorex roboratus, Sorex runtonensis, Sorex sinalis, Sorex sp., Sorex spp., Sorex stehlini, Sorex trowbridgii, Sorex tundrensis, Sorex unguiculatus, Sorex vagrans, Sorex veraepacis