Sciurus carolinensis (rodent)

Mass: 519 g based on Nixon and McClain 1969 and Layne 1958

Diet: frugivore based on Spritzer 2002

Abundance: 0.07 to 46.86% (median 1.57%)

Latitudinal range: 29.6° to 45.5°

Habitats: (22), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (13)

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Found in 35 samples

Canada: Lindsay, Keffer (Midden 57, screened), Keffer (Midden 57, floated), Irving-Johnston, Caverne de la Mine (upper infill), Roussillon, Québec

United States: Memphis, Salt Pond Mountain, Haw River, Rocky River, Richlands, Fayette County, Raleigh-Durham, The Wilds, Ardis, Bluegrass (macro), Dust Cave (Zones T and U), McKinley Site (Zone B), Angel Site (Subdivision W10D), Croley-Evans, Watson Brake (6.4 mm fraction), Watson Brake (3.2 mm fraction), Mykut Rockshelter, Black Cat Cave (interior), Black Cat Cave (Test Unit 1), Guard, Cole Gravel Pit, Sachsen Cave Shelter, Meyer Cave, Prairie Creek (Zone C), Prairie Creek (Zone B), Natural Chimneys, Student Agricultural Gardens, Trail of Tears State Forest, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (logs, feature)

Size measurements:
♀ body mass535.2 gN = 21Nixon and McClain 1969
♀ body mass534.1 gN = 23Nixon and McClain 1969
♀ body mass543.5 gN = 34Nixon and McClain 1969
♀ body mass518.8 gN = 41Nixon and McClain 1969
♀ body mass508.9 gN = 89Nixon and McClain 1969
♂ body mass529.8 gN = 12Nixon and McClain 1969
♂ body mass526.4 gN = 15Nixon and McClain 1969
♂ body mass526.1 gN = 27Nixon and McClain 1969
♂ body mass522.8 gN = 31Nixon and McClain 1969
♂ body mass507.7 gN = 88Nixon and McClain 1969
body mass499.6 gN = 3Layne 1958
total body length466.3 mmN = 3Layne 1958
tail length206.7 mmN = 3Layne 1958
hind foot length66.0 mmN = 3Layne 1958

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