Rangifer tarandus (ungulate)

Mass: 105 kg based on Puputti and Niskanen 2008

Abundance: 0.02 to 99.71% (median 17.39%)

Latitudinal range: 40.0° to 72.8°

Habitats: (14), tundra (1)

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Found in 15 samples

Canada: Old Crow River Loc. 11A (square S30E120), Learmonth Site, Peale Point House 2 (1)

France: Grotte du Bison (Level I), Mas d'Azil

Poland: Borsuka Cave (Level VI), Raj Cave (layer 4), Raj Cave (layer 6)

Russia: Svetly (layer 5), Geographical Society Cave, Bugul'deika II Layer II-2

United Kingdom: Lynford Quarry

United States: Dalton Highway, Jack Wade, Bootlegger Sink

Size measurements:
♀ body mass91600 kgN = 12Puputti and Niskanen 2008
♂ body mass155400 kgN = 4Puputti and Niskanen 2008

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