Ptychadena anchietae (frog)

Abundance: 1.15 to 29.38% (median 5.06%)

Latitudinal range: -3.4° to 0.4°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (3), tropical/subtropical savanna (2)

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Found in 5 samples

Kenya: Kitobo Forest (2007), Kitobo Forest (2009), Kitobo Forest (2010), Meru National Park, Engare Ondare River

See also Ptychadena, Ptychadena aequiplicata, Ptychadena bibroni, Ptychadena longirostris, Ptychadena mascareniensis, Ptychadena oxyrhynchus, Ptychadena porosissima, Ptychadena pumilio, Ptychadena sp., Ptychadena superciliaris, Ptychadena tellinii, Ptychadena uzungwensis