Psorophora howardii (mosquito)

Abundance: 0.01 to 0.14%

Latitudinal range: 15.8° to 31.2°

Habitats: temperate coniferous forest (1), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (1)

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Found in two samples

Guatemala: Puerto Barrios (mosquitoes)

United States: Big Slough

See also Psorophora, Psorophora albigenu, Psorophora albigenu/varipes, Psorophora albipes, Psorophora amazonica, Psorophora champerico, Psorophora ciliata, Psorophora cilipes, Psorophora cingulata, Psorophora circumflava, Psorophora columbiae, Psorophora confinnis, Psorophora cyanescens, Psorophora dimidiata, Psorophora discolor, Psorophora discrucians, Psorophora ferox, Psorophora horridus, Psorophora johnstonii, Psorophora lanei, Psorophora lineata, Psorophora longipalpus, Psorophora lutzii, Psorophora lutzzi, Psorophora mathesoni, Psorophora pallescens, Psorophora paulli, Psorophora saeva, Psorophora signipennis, Psorophora sp., Psorophora spp., Psorophora varinervis, Psorophora varipes