Plesiosminthus (rodent)

Abundance: 0.13 to 63.37% (median 7.68%)

Latitudinal range: 40.1° to 50.0°

Habitats: (12) only

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Found in 12 samples

France: Cournon-Les Souméroux, Dieupentale, Mas-de-Pauffié sample 2, Mas-de-Pauffié sample 3

Germany: Grossberg Bank, Herrlingen 8, Herrlingen 9, Lautern 2

Spain: Hinojosa de Jarque 2, Canales, Parrales

United States: McCann Canyon

See also Plesiosminthus clivosus, Plesiosminthus conjunctus, Plesiosminthus myarion, Plesiosminthus promyarion, Plesiosminthus schaubi, Plesiosminthus sp.