Platyrrhinus umbratus (bat)

Diet: frugivore based on Molinari and Soriano 2014

Abundance: 1.54 to 9.68%

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2) only

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Found in two samples

Venezuela: Monumento Natural Pico Codazzi (nivel medio), Monumento Natural Pico Codazzi (nivel alto)

Size measurements:
♂ head and body length72 mmN = 1Thomas 1914
♂ forearm length47 mmN = 1Thomas 1914
♂ ear length15 mmN = 1Thomas 1914
♂ skull length26.3 mmN = 1Thomas 1914
♂ skull width15 mmN = 1Thomas 1914
♂ upper tooth row length10 mmN = 1Thomas 1914

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