Peromyscus grandis (rodent)

Mass: 77.3 g based on Mace and Eisenberg 1982

Abundance: 28.57%

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (1) only

Found in one sample

Guatemala: Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve

Size measurements:
body mass77.32 gN = 1Mace and Eisenberg 1982
♀ total body length315 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932
♀ tail length150 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932
♀ hind foot length32 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932
♀ ear length22 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932
♀ skull length39 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932
♀ skull width17.5 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932
♀ upper tooth row length5 mmN = 1Goodwin 1932

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