Pachycondyla harpax (ant)

Abundance: 0.06 to 4.34% (median 2.13%)

Latitudinal range: -23.1° to 19.6°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (5), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (4)

Found in 9 samples

Brazil: Campo de Provas da Marambaia (FN. 1), Michelin Ecologic Preservation Area (pristine forest, pitfall traps), Michelin Ecologic Preservation Area (secondary forest, pitfall traps), Michelin Ecologic Preservation Area (rubber tree-cocoa agroforestry, pitfall traps)

Costa Rica: La Selva Biological Station (Winkler samples)

Ecuador: Reserva Bosque Integral Otonga (T-LL1, pitfall traps)

French Guiana: Nouragues Research Station (liana forest)

Mexico: Centro de Investigaciones Costeras La Mancha (primary forest), Centro de Investigaciones Costeras La Mancha (secondary forest)

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