Osteichthyes (fishes)

Abundance: 0.05 to 55.27% (median 1.59%)

Latitudinal range: 21.7° to 67.8°

Habitats: (22) only

Found in 22 samples

Canada: Old Crow River Loc. 11A (square S30E120), Charlie Lake Cave (Zone IV), DjPp-8 (level B), Cactus Flower

India: Khirsara (layer 1), Khirsara (layer 2), Malvan (Period II)

Italy: Cava Muracci

Mexico: El Zurdo

United States: Ripplemead, First American Bank Site (Feature 1), King Leo Pit Cave, Burris, Wewukiyepuh, Steck, Fort Center Mound A, Deadman Slough (Excavation Unit), Trappers Point (Stratum V), Mykut Rockshelter, Guard, Sachsen Cave Shelter, Kathy's Pit

See also Osteichthyes indet, Osteichthyes indet., Osteichthyes indet. large, Osteichthyes indet. medium, Osteichthyes indet. small