Nyctophilus geoffroyi (bat)

Mass: 8.3 g based on O'Neill and Taylor 1986, Bullen and McKenzie 2007, Fullard et al. 1991, Rhodes 2002, and Stephan et al. 1981

Diet: insectivore based on Vestjens and Hall 1977, Bullen et al. 2010, and Milne et al. 2016

Abundance: 0.15 to 75.35% (median 6.11%)

Latitudinal range: -42.5° to -24.4°

Habitats: (3), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (6), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2), tropical/subtropical savanna (5)

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Found in 16 samples

Australia: Idalia National Park (uncleared riparian woodland), Idalia National Park (cleared riparian woodland), Kroombit Tops, Perup, Central Highlands, Mopoke Tank, Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, Bullock Creek, Bago State Forest, Woodsdale, Quart Pot (Session 1), Badja (Session 1), Badja (Session 2), Caladenia Cave (Group F), Caladenia Cave (Group I), Amphitheatre Cave

Size measurements:
body mass9.4 gN = 60O'Neill and Taylor 1986
body mass5.7 gN = 12Bullen and McKenzie 2007
body mass6.3 gN = 6Fullard et al. 1991
body mass6.6 gN = 2Rhodes 2002
body mass7.2 gN = 5Stephan et al. 1981

See also Nyctophilus, Nyctophilus bifax, Nyctophilus corbeni, Nyctophilus gouldi, Nyctophilus spp., Nyctophilus timoriensis