Neptis rivularis (butterfly)

Abundance: 0.32 to 10.69%

Latitudinal range: 35.4° to 47.2°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (2) only

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Found in two samples

China: Liangshui Nature Reserve (original forest)

Japan: Tsuchimarubi 1

See also Neptis, Neptis alwina, Neptis ananta, Neptis armandia, Neptis camarensis, Neptis cartica, Neptis clinia, Neptis conspicua, Neptis harita, Neptis hesione, Neptis hordonia, Neptis hylas, Neptis kikideli, Neptis kuangtungensis, Neptis leucoporos, Neptis mahendra, Neptis manasa, Neptis melicerta, Neptis metella, Neptis miah, Neptis morosa, Neptis namba, Neptis nata, Neptis nausicaa, Neptis nemetes, Neptis nisea, Neptis noyala, Neptis philyra, Neptis philyroides, Neptis praslini, Neptis pryeri, Neptis pseudovikasi, Neptis reducta, Neptis saclava, Neptis sankara, Neptis sapho, Neptis sappho, Neptis satina, Neptis soma, Neptis speyeri, Neptis thestias, Neptis thisbe, Neptis yerburi, Neptis yerburii, Neptis yerburyi