Neotoma albigula (rodent)

Mass: 176 g based on Brown and Zeng 1989, Smith 1995, and Sorensen et al. 2004

Abundance: 0.20 to 47.76% (median 9.20%)

Latitudinal range: 30.3° to 33.8°

Habitats: (2), desert/xeric shrubland (4), temperate coniferous forest (1)

Found in 7 samples

United States: Fort Bliss, Red Bluff, Fort Bayard Allotment (untreated woodland), Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Flats), Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Uplands), Schulze Cave (layer B), Schulze Cave (layer C1)

Size measurements:
body mass174.7 gN = 197Brown and Zeng 1989
body mass196 gN = 10Smith 1995
body mass192 gN = 9Sorensen et al. 2004
total body length315 mmN = 5Durrant 1934
tail length126 mmN = 5Durrant 1934
hind foot length30 mmN = 5Durrant 1934
ear length29 mmN = 5Durrant 1934
skull width23.1 mmN = 5Durrant 1934
upper tooth row length7.8 mmN = 5Durrant 1934

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