Myiozetetes similis (bird)

Mass: 28.0 g

Diet: insectivore-frugivore based on Ramírez-Albores and Navarro-Sigüenza 2011; omnivore based on Canaday 1977, Feeley 2003, Manhães and Loures-Ribeiro 2005, Teles and Dias 2010, and Anderson and Naka 2011

Abundance: 0.15 to 1.01% (median 0.78%)

Latitudinal range: -23.8° to 15.8°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (1), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2), tropical/subtropical savanna (2)

Found in 5 samples

Brazil: Fazenda Brejão, Uberabinha River

Guatemala: Puerto Barrios (mist netted birds)

Nicaragua: Siuna (birds, pasture)

Paraguay: Para La Tierra Biological Station

Size measurements:
28 mm(N = 1)based on

See also Myiozetetes, Myiozetetes simili