Muscicapa epulata (bird)

Mass: 9.6 g

Diet: insectivore based on Erard and Brosset 2003

Abundance: 0.72 to 1.02%

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2) only

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Found in two samples

Ivory Coast: Bossematiť Forest (selective cleaning), Bossematiť Forest (control)

Size measurements:
9.6 mm(N = 1)based on

See also Muscicapa, Muscicapa adusta, Muscicapa aquatica, Muscicapa banyumas/rubeculoides, Muscicapa caerulescens, Muscicapa comitata, Muscicapa dauurica, Muscicapa griseisticta, Muscicapa hainana, Muscicapa latirostris, Muscicapa narcissina, Muscicapa parva, Muscicapa sibirica, Muscicapa striata, Muscicapa tickelliae, Muscicapa zanthopygia