Microtus pinetorum (rodent)

Mass: 24.0 g based on Rose and Ford 2012, Layne 1958, Lindsay 1960, and McNab 1992

Abundance: 0.03 to 63.95% (median 2.48%)

Latitudinal range: 30.3° to 45.5°

Habitats: (15), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (6), temperate coniferous forest (1)

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Found in 22 samples

Canada: Caverne de la Mine (lower infill)

United States: Trelease Woods (autumn 1938, plot UU), Memphis, Glenn Dale, Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge, Durham County, Kemper County, Suffolk, Ardis, Zesch Cave, King Leo Pit Cave, Bluegrass (micro), Hosterman's Pit, Robinson Cave, Meyer Cave, Bootlegger Sink, Prairie Creek (Zone C), Prairie Creek (Zone B), Schulze Cave (layer C1), Schulze Cave (layer C2), New Paris Sinkhole No. 4, Natural Chimneys

Size measurements:
♀ body mass25.20 gN = 2Rose and Ford 2012
♂ body mass24.08 gN = 2Rose and Ford 2012
body mass25.8 gN = 4Layne 1958
body mass26.9 gN = 8Lindsay 1960
body mass23.8 gN = 127McNab 1992
total body length121.0 mmN = 9Layne 1958
tail length19.6 mmN = 9Layne 1958
hind foot length17.0 mmN = 9Layne 1958

See also Microtus, Microtus agrestis, Microtus arvalidens, Microtus arvalis, Microtus arvalis-agrestis, Microtus arvalis/agrestis, Microtus brecciensis, Microtus californicus, Microtus chrotorrhinus, Microtus deucalion, Microtus ex gr. huescarensis-brecciensis, Microtus fortis, Microtus gr. multiplex-subterraneus, Microtus gracilis, Microtus gregalis, Microtus gregaloides, Microtus guentheri, Microtus hyperboreus, Microtus levis, Microtus limnophilus, Microtus longicaudus, Microtus maximowiczii, Microtus mexicanus, Microtus miurus, Microtus montanus, Microtus montebelli, Microtus nutiensis, Microtus ochrogaster, Microtus oeconemus, Microtus oeconomus, Microtus oregoni, Microtus pennsylvanicus, Microtus savii, Microtus socialis, Microtus sp., Microtus spp., Microtus subterraneus, Microtus xanthognathus