Microtus (rodent)

Abundance: 0.04 to 95.45% (median 5.86%)

Latitudinal range: 24.9° to 68.6°

Habitats: (89), Mediterranean woodland (2), boreal forest/taiga (12), desert/xeric shrubland (2), montane grassland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (24), temperate coniferous forest (6), temperate savanna (6), temperate wetland (2), tropical/subtropical coniferous forest (1), tundra (2)

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Found in 147 samples

Canada: Delta Waterfowl Research Station, Kluane Lake, Gogama, Churchill (1952), Birds Hill (Plot 1, 1979), Prince Albert Model Forest, Bald Range (old growth), Old Crow River Loc. 11A (square S30E120), Charlie Lake Cave (Zone IV), Keffer (Midden 57, screened), Keffer (Midden 57, floated), Pender Canal Site (trench), Irving-Johnston, Caverne de la Mine (lower infill), Caverne de la Mine (upper infill), LaBiche River Valley

China: Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, Zhang County, Guanyinshan Nature Reserve

Finland: Pallasjärvi

France: Boult-aux-Bois (2010), Pontarlier, Massereau, Bois Roche (layer 1a), Bois Roche (layer 1b), Bois Roche (layer 1c), Bois Roche (layer 1d), Bois Roche (layer 2)

Germany: Ahltener Wald (month 6), Grafrath, Kettig

Hungary: Gemenc

Iraq: Palegawra Cave

Israel: Qesem Cave (Concentration 1), Qesem Cave (Concentration 2)

Italy: Monticchie Nature Reserve (woodland), Castagnone, Rifreddo, Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 10), Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 10.1), Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 10.2), Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 11.1), Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 11.2), Cava Muracci

Japan: Utsukushigahara

Kazakhstan: Pavlodar, Bayanaul Village

Mexico: Cerro Potosí (Quadrat C), El Zurdo

Mongolia: Erdensant

Norway: Angedalen (spring), Angedalen (fall)

Poland: Knihiniówka, Zabia Cave (Layer 21), Borsuka Cave (Level VII), Borsuka Cave (Level VI)

Russia: Kuznetsovka, Svetly (layer 5), Gornovo, Malaya Gomsel'ga, Karasuk, Traktorosad No. 4 (garden), Traktorosad No. 4 (adjacent biotopes), Znamenskiy, Chusovoy

Spain: Sima del Elefante (TE19), Sima del Elefante (TE18), Cueva Millan (Nivel 8I-1a), Huéscar 1

Syria: Yahmool Agricultural Research Station

Turkey: Dicle University Campus, Golbasi

United States: North of Stillwater (heavily grazed grassland, March), Trelease Woods (autumn 1938, plot UU), Seymour (1939, Plot A), Sierra National Forest (pitfall traps), H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Elkol-Sorenson Mine (1980), Elkol-Sorenson Mine (1981), Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Agiak Lake, De Long Mountains (riparian grass-willow), North of Madison, Toolik Lake, Upper Susitna River Basin, Memphis, Glenn Dale, Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge, Durham County, MacIntyre Development (forest habitats), Grand Marais, Kemper County, Suffolk, Hopland Research and Extension Center (chaparral), Hopland Research and Extension Center (woodland-grass), Ardis, Zesch Cave, Crystal Ball Cave, Welsh Cave, Silver Creek, Vess Cave, Papago Springs Cave, Haystack Cave (upper levels), Haystack Cave (lower levels), Harrodsburg Crevice, Ripplemead, Bat Cave, King Leo Pit Cave, CA-SLO-585 (Locus 6A, Early-Middle Holocene), Bluegrass (macro), Bluegrass (micro), Dust Cave (Zones T and U), North Creek Shelter (Paleoarchaic), North Creek Shelter (Early Archaic), Hulme Site, McIntosh, Taddlock, Watson Brake (6.4 mm fraction), Mosquito Willie, Mykut Rockshelter, Dead Indian Creek, Itasca Bison Site, Guard, Cole Gravel Pit, Scovill, Camels Back Cave (Stratum I), Pacific City, Jones, Hosterman's Pit, Prairie Creek (Zone D), Robinson Cave, Meyer Cave, Bootlegger Sink, Prairie Creek (Zone C), Prairie Creek (Zone B), Kathy's Pit, Mescal Cave, Pintwater Cave (Unit 3, level 8), Sunshine Locality (Unit C), Sunshine Locality (Unit D), Sunshine Locality (Unit E), Smith Creek Canyon (Reddish-brown Silt), Schulze Cave (layer C1), Schulze Cave (layer C2), New Paris Sinkhole No. 4, Natural Chimneys, Box Elder Creek

See also Microtus agrestis, Microtus arvalidens, Microtus arvalis, Microtus arvalis-agrestis, Microtus arvalis/agrestis, Microtus brecciensis, Microtus californicus, Microtus chrotorrhinus, Microtus deucalion, Microtus ex gr. huescarensis-brecciensis, Microtus fortis, Microtus gr. multiplex-subterraneus, Microtus gracilis, Microtus gregalis, Microtus gregaloides, Microtus guentheri, Microtus hyperboreus, Microtus levis, Microtus limnophilus, Microtus longicaudus, Microtus maximowiczii, Microtus mexicanus, Microtus miurus, Microtus montanus, Microtus montebelli, Microtus nutiensis, Microtus ochrogaster, Microtus oeconemus, Microtus oeconomus, Microtus oregoni, Microtus pennsylvanicus, Microtus pinetorum, Microtus savii, Microtus socialis, Microtus sp., Microtus spp., Microtus subterraneus, Microtus xanthognathus