Miconia impetiolaris (tree)

Abundance: 0.00 to 1.89% (median 0.01%)

Latitudinal range: 9.2° to 16.5°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (1), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2)

Found in 3 samples

Belize: Bladen Nature Reserve (valley floor, transect 3)

Panama: Agua Salud, Barro Colorado Island

See also Miconia, Miconia acuminata, Miconia acutifolia, Miconia affinis, Miconia albicans, Miconia amoena, Miconia ampla, Miconia argentea, Miconia aulocalix, Miconia aurea, Miconia barbeyana, Miconia borealis, Miconia bracteolata, Miconia brasiliensis, Miconia brevitheca, Miconia budlejoides, Miconia cabucu, Miconia calvescens, Miconia centrodesma, Miconia chartacea, Miconia cinerascens, Miconia cinnamomifolia, Miconia compressa, Miconia corymbiformis, Miconia cuspidata, Miconia dapsiliflora, Miconia dispar, Miconia dodecandra, Miconia donaeana, Miconia elata, Miconia ferruginea, Miconia gilva, Miconia glaberrima, Miconia gratissima, Miconia holosericea, Miconia hondurensis, Miconia hypoleuca, Miconia klugii, Miconia lamprophylla, Miconia latecrenata, Miconia longispicata, Miconia microbilis, Miconia minutiflora, Miconia myriantha, Miconia nervosa, Miconia nis, Miconia oraria, Miconia organensis, Miconia oustulata, Miconia pepericarpa, Miconia poeppigii, Miconia prasina, Miconia punctata, Miconia pusilliflora, Miconia pyrifolia, Miconia ramboi, Miconia rubiginosa, Miconia ruficalyx, Miconia sellowiana, Miconia serialis, Miconia serrulata, Miconia smaragdina, Miconia sp., Miconia sp. "Buxuxu", Miconia sp. 1, Miconia sp. 2, Miconia sp. 3, Miconia sp. 4, Miconia sp. enves dorado, Miconia sp. olor a canela, Miconia splendens, Miconia spp., Miconia tetrasperma, Miconia theaezans, Miconia theagous, Miconia tomentosa, Miconia trinervia