Mephitis mephitis (carnivore)

Mass: 1.5 kg based on Stout and Sonenshine 1974 and Layne 1958

Diet: carnivore-insectivore based on Azevedo et al. 2006

Abundance: 0.03 to 10.50% (median 0.46%)

Latitudinal range: 27.4° to 56.3°

Habitats: (28), desert/xeric shrubland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (5), temperate coniferous forest (1), temperate savanna (1), tropical/subtropical coniferous forest (2)

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Found in 38 samples

Canada: Lindsay, Charlie Lake Cave (Zone IV), St. Brieux (spring 2012)

Mexico: Ajos, Madera West

United States: Rocky River, Boulder County, North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River, North of the Michigamme Reservoir, Kleberg County, The Wilds, Ardis, Vess Cave, Papago Springs Cave, Saber-tooth Cave, Golf Course, Harrodsburg Crevice, Cueva Quebrada, CA-SLO-585 (Locus 6A, Late Holocene), Bluegrass (macro), McIntosh, Taddlock, Croley-Evans, Mykut Rockshelter, Black Cat Cave (interior), Coffey (Horizon III-5, 1972-73), Pine Hill, Cole Gravel Pit, Scovill, Jones, Meyer Cave, Bootlegger Sink, Prairie Creek (Zone B), Kathy's Pit, Schulze Cave (layer B), Schulze Cave (layer C1), Schulze Cave (layer C2), Natural Chimneys

Size measurements:
♀ body mass1374 kgN = 8Stout and Sonenshine 1974
♂ body mass2637 kgN = 1Layne 1958
♂ body mass1483 kgN = 15Stout and Sonenshine 1974
♀ total body length716 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♂ total body length630 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♀ tail length254 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♂ tail length210 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♀ hind foot length63 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♂ hind foot length68 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♀ ear length22 mmN = 1Layne 1958
♂ ear length25 mmN = 1Layne 1958

See also Mephitis, Mephitis macroura, Mephitis sp.